Sunday, 14 May 2006

How come I'm doing this?

Well, I had acupuncture years ago, which was a positive & amazing experience. Went for a physical reason & it had such an impact on my emotional state. Touched me very deeply.
Didn't have the confidence then to think I could do some thing like that.

Skip to about 2 years ago & just felt I had to look into it again. I was pretty much decided on studying acupuncture & herbal medicine, & planned to visit colleges to decide where to study.
Then in a half awake/sleep state, I realised it had to be some thing directly using my hands. Grumbling under my breath, I started researching different therapies & came across a description of shiatsu. I had such a strong feeling from my centre/hara that I could not ignore it. First decision I've made properly using this freaky centre-thing, so tried not to listen at first. Sensibly decided to listen after a bit of a fight.

Exactly 1 week later I'm on a day's introductory course, which seemed bizarrely easy...

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