Monday, 29 May 2006

Introductory day 14/01/06

Well, after deciding shiatsu was it, I spent time researching on the web about how to start. I found that the European Shiatsu School (Marlborough, Hants) were doing £10.00 introductory days - BINGO!
Previously, making decisions has always been very logical & 'head' orientated. I would have compiled a shortlist, visited a number & looked at pros & cons. However, this time it was very much 'it it feels right, then I'll study there'. (The school does have an excellent reputation any way)

Lovely building tucked away off the main high street, white walls & beams inside. Turns out the teacher also teaches aikido. I come for shiatsu & we're doing unbendable arm, thinking of our centre & weight underside! I take this as a good sign.
The other people are lovely & we do some of the basics, like baby walking & palming. I'm hooked, & this is the right school for me. I buy a book, sign up at the end of the day & go home to rabbit at top speed about it to my boyfriend!

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