Tuesday, 23 May 2006

A little about aikido

Well, I've realised that aikido's going to sneak into this blog, so thought I'd do a quick introduction.
I've been practicing for just over 2 years now at a wonderful dojo (see link). I hadn't planned to mention it, but I think it will be relevant as they have much in common. Even when I'm fully qualified in shiatsu, I know that my practicing aikido will help progress my shiatsu further. More highly developed awareness is going to improve both.

I haven't found practicing aikido the easiest thing. It seems to help stir things up to the surface that have been lurking in the depths for too long. That said, for me, time on the mat is a fantastic way to learn to be in the present moment & interact with a partner. When my brain doesn't get in the way, I love the feeling & shapes aikido makes.

I'm going to class tomorrow night & really looking forward to it. I haven't been for 2 weeks due to shiatsu training & illness, so I'm raring to go!

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