Friday, 16 June 2006

Intensive courses & temping

Slightly different to first planned, I did my Stage 1 by the residential option. Except I commuted each day as it's only a 40 min drive. This means you pack a huge amount of study into 2 weeks, instead of say once a week for 12 weeks (another option).

Going back to my temping job was a shock to say the least. And I've been getting a bit nervy, not even really anxious. I've only just worked out what's going on. I've just finished week 1 of my Stage 2 course today (more to follow). I think I had thoughts that I should know Stage 1 stuff 100% before I start the next part. However, there' s so much info & really, we'll practice stuff again & again until it's 2nd nature. I suppose all my other purely academic courses have been study, take exams before you move on.

Work is becoming a problem... I've never been this bored before, & seriously it's started to get to me & been tiring me out. After an intensive week of study, I feel better & more full of energy than when I started. Well, I'm going to talk to the boss on Monday, & if need be, leave & try another placement else where. Weirdly, work isn't my priority at the moment, so I can't let it interfere with my study & general well-being either. It's just to support my shiatsu & aikido habits! It's odd to consider work in this way, & it's taken me a while to adjust away from the career way of thinking. I'm sure other folk have had the same thing with career changes, especially moving into a completely different area.


  1. Anita,
    I have jsut started the second year of practioner training with the Shiatsu College in Brighton and I can empathise with your feelings of having to work to support your course.

    Year 1 of study was exciting but tough with a lot of learning of points and anatomy. Year 2 has just started and I am finding it tougher on the emotional/spiritual side as it is very much about Hara development and the experience of Ki.

    In the end it is all very exciting and opens you up as a person. Work is just a way of supporting this process but what really matters is the Shiatsu.

  2. Tony,
    Many thanks for your comment. I'll have a nose at your website.
    It's easy to forget that there are loads of people out there juggling study & work.