Friday, 16 June 2006

Stage 1 course

Well, after attending the introductory day in January, I wait to hear about dates to study.
All of a sudden there's a possibility of a course starting in March, arrgh! (I was planning for the autumn) So it's a case of giving up my job & moving house in time (including getting another tenant).
Ta da!! All done, & after a bit of 'will the course run or won't it' business, I'm due to start on 27th March for a week & then again on 8th May for the next week. I even manage to get a temping job that fits in too.
Some people have asked me, "So, is shiatsu some thing you've always wanted to do?" And I've got some odd looks when the reply is, "No, only since January".

Stage 1 is also called the foundation course, unsurprisingly. We also start to learn Qi Gong to help increase sensitivity & ki/chi.
Foundation is made up of practical elements:
  • prone (back) techniques
  • supine (front)
  • side
  • Kidney & Bladder channels (inc. theory)
  • what is shiatsu?
  • basics about ki, channels & tsubos (gateways/cavities where ki can open to the surface)
  • intro to Yin & Yang
  • anatomy - bones & joints
  • intro to kyo/jitsu (fullness or excess/deficiency or emptiness of ki)
  • intro to Five Elements.
There's lots of practicing, talking & feedback during the course. Our heads are full, we're knackered, but satisfied & excited when the course is over.
A major plus is that the dates for Stage 2 are all agreed & paid for at the end too.

This is certainly not like any other course I've done before...

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