Monday, 20 November 2006


I did some shiatsu this morning.
I could feel some changes which I guess I can't quite quantify. I've recently been working on the Heart channel with this person & some thing's shifted. It's not as simple to say it's less jitsu than it was (even though that's prob the case). It's different...

I find that in aikido too. Maybe it's that I don't have enough experience in either shiatsu or aikido. It's all to do with feeling too, that's where the difference is & maybe that's why I'm a tad confused? I like logic & control, & I guess I steered away from this feeling too much in the past. I'm starting to use feeling in decision-making too. Some thing simple like which way to walk home in the dark. Brain said the isolated & dark path was fine, but my centre said I don't think so. So I went with my centre which I'm sure was the wise choice.

I've previously thought emotion could equal weakness. Crying & anger definitely not good. However, I think without emotion & being more in touch with myself, my shiatsu will lack depth & understanding. 'Going through the motions' perhaps.
I have been a bit scared about shiatsu & aikido. Maybe it's that I've never been sure what I'm capable of. Practicing professionally or facing a live blade will certainly push me.

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Slightly off topic video

Been having a nose around the Bestest Blog of All-Time & came across this.
'The little girl giant woke up one morning, got a shower from the Sultan's Elephant, & wandered off to play in the park' -

Apologies if every one & their dog has seen this, but I think it's amazing!
More info at

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Stage 3 & stuff

Well, I started my Stage 3 part of the course on 9th/10th September. One week end a month. Seems like a good way to slow down the amount of info I need to take on board.

Had exams for TCM (Yin & Yang, 5 elements etc.) & anatomy, which I both passed much to my delight & astonishment! (why can't I believe in myself a little more some times?)
We now have a group of 8 students, which means more different types of bodies to practise on. Lots of tongues to stare at...

I'm still trying to make shiatsu part of my life, not quite there yet, methinks. Practised on 2 people this week, both very different & I enjoyed both sessions. Guess that's an important aspect to this.
Did shiatsu tonight & for the first time I was very aware I wasn't thinking of any thing! No idle thoughts of what I need to do tomorrow etc. I was relaxed, breathing deeply & the closest I can explain as 'listening with my hands'. Sounds a little odd to me, but I suppose I was trying to work with any feedback I was getting.

Aikido's been going very well & been enjoying class. Looks like I'll be a green belt before Christmas. This does surprise me as I can still consider myself a beginner. However, I do notice most times now if there's no connection with my partner. This does say some thing to me, as previously I would've carried on trying a move regardless.

I need to have more faith in my ability to do shiatsu & aikido. It's not some thing that will happen over night. I need a sign that says 'Work in progress'. Then again, who isn't?

Work has appeared as well. Going to try my hand at being a care assistant at a local residential home. I think it will be great experience for shiatsu, as it is much more people-orientated than finance. I kinda expect to return to finance at a later stage (pays better), but it's also more skills for me. I'm looking forward to it, but it's also a bit of an unknown quantity as I haven't done a job like that before.