Monday, 20 November 2006


I did some shiatsu this morning.
I could feel some changes which I guess I can't quite quantify. I've recently been working on the Heart channel with this person & some thing's shifted. It's not as simple to say it's less jitsu than it was (even though that's prob the case). It's different...

I find that in aikido too. Maybe it's that I don't have enough experience in either shiatsu or aikido. It's all to do with feeling too, that's where the difference is & maybe that's why I'm a tad confused? I like logic & control, & I guess I steered away from this feeling too much in the past. I'm starting to use feeling in decision-making too. Some thing simple like which way to walk home in the dark. Brain said the isolated & dark path was fine, but my centre said I don't think so. So I went with my centre which I'm sure was the wise choice.

I've previously thought emotion could equal weakness. Crying & anger definitely not good. However, I think without emotion & being more in touch with myself, my shiatsu will lack depth & understanding. 'Going through the motions' perhaps.
I have been a bit scared about shiatsu & aikido. Maybe it's that I've never been sure what I'm capable of. Practicing professionally or facing a live blade will certainly push me.

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  1. Anita,
    I can empathise with your confusion. Feeling Kyo and Jitsu is something that I have been troubled with. After 20 years programming computers you expect a definite answer!

    When we started feeling for Kyo and Jitsu in class some people were reporting fizzing and lots of exciting things. All I got was a feeling of rightness. My teacher explained this was just as valid and all of this varies over time and from one client to another. You have to be open enough to feel anything.

    Another example recently was a Hara diagnosis. I got Stomach Jitsu but why I don't know. My mind convinced me that I was wrong and I wrote up the treatment as no Hara diagnosis! We then covered the Masunaga stomach associations in the following class and guess what - they matched with other stuff I found during that treatment.

    Trust what you feel inside even it is not a definite and convincing yes/no thing. The centre is always right!