Saturday, 27 January 2007

Complementary therapies prejudice

Some one was recently telling me about crystals, & it made me realise there's possibly quite a few complementary therapies I am prejudiced about! It seems to be a bit weird, considering I'm training to be a therapist. Years ago, I would never have considered some thing like acupuncture or shiatsu. I thought that perhaps it was mostly the placebo effect & kinda 'hippy crap'!
Having acupuncture changed my mind as it was such a positive experience. And some how I made the journey to considering treating people myself. Well, it might be time to educate myself...


  1. Anita,
    I must admit to the same prejudice and unexpected turn of events that sees me as a student of shiatsu.

    Crystals I still cannot come to terms with but I "get" shiatsu and acupuncture. There is that physical aspect to it.

    Do you study Seiki on your course. That is a hands off branch of shiatsu I think. We cover it in the third year but had some exposure already on a weekend with Paul Lundberg last year.

    Powerful Ki movements from Paul and we all had some minor effects on the day but nothing when we tried it in homework treatments.


  2. Thanks for this, Tony. Maybe I had a weird idea that I'd have to turn into some kind of Earth goddess now I'm training in a therapy!
    I completely agree with you, shiatsu & acupuncture are very grounded & there's all the anatomy too.

    Not sure about Seiki. However, I do find I get more feedback using hands-off method, which I have been 'uncomfortable' with. Slowly getting my head round it.