Friday, 19 January 2007

Entertaining shihonage & green belt

During class last Wednesday, we did a shihonage I haven't done before. The attack is ryokatatori - both hands on the front of your kit. Then you turn slightly back & dip your head under their arms, doing the movement without your hands.
To begin with it was fine. Then my partner did the movement & my hand slipped down the back of his gi, twisted up & he lost his balance & fell on top of me!
We laughed at the bizarreness of it, & then got slightly hysterical when it kept happening.
Turns out I being too obstinate with my following & hanging on far too long.

I did my presentation for my green belt today. It went OK, I guess. I suppose I wanted to show how I'm letting a bit more out in my practice & moving more, but don't think it showed that well. That said, I didn't hesitate & wasn't at all nervous. I'll just have to show it for brown belt! And I did the above shihonage as an afterthought.
I guess I haven't been that impressed with myself for my orange or green belt presentations. Again, I'll just have to make brown a good one. (Note to self... enjoy it too)

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