Friday, 18 May 2007

Shiatsu as a business

I'm going to do a Facial Aculift massage course with my shiatsu school. Basically it's a natural face lift, & as I understand it, works by stimulating certain pressure points & muscles on the face. As soon as I heard about it, I thought it made sound financial/business sense to do. Shiatsu is still a fairly unknown therapy, so it's going to be harder to make a profession from it than from say, acupuncture or thai massage.

It just seems to make sense to cross over into the more mainstream beauty market. I guess it's made me start thinking more about the business side, & wondering if shiatsu is going to be able to support me as a main career. I know it will take time to grow, but it makes sense to diversify & offer other things to cater to different customers.
Once again, I realise I've been prejudiced against certain professions!! I'd like to apologise to all nail technicians out there... Previously I assumed this was some thing you did if you had no brains. However, there's definitely a market out there & it makes people happy. There are definite good points to all that!

Another weird thing, I think I want to try making soap... For some reason, the idea appeals to me along the lines of creating some thing out of raw ingredients. I'm definitely a person who smells every thing, so I'd want to make stuff that looked & smelt good. I'm wondering if it could be some thing to complement the facial massage too. I think if I went into this professionally I'd want to try adding unusual ingredients (like spirulina, which I saw in a soap recipe!) & essential oils etc.
I remember going into Lush (handmade cosmetics company) ages ago, & finding it very stinky! Just that a lot of it smelt too artificial & perfumed for my liking. I don't know if it's too labour & cost intensive to be worth it.