Thursday, 7 June 2007

Looking the part

When I practise shiatsu I normally wear a long sleeved 100% cotton top & my old karate trousers, as recommended by my shiatsu school. The practitioner who does shiatsu on me wears the same kind of thing, so I haven't given it much thought.

It occurred to me recently, what do I wear to do the facial aculift massage? I think that where it's straying into the beauty market, customers will expect me to look a certain way. Should I conform to that expectation? I know we judge each other (especially first impressions) by the way we look. Personal & professional image are different. On one level, I do & don't want to conform to other people's expectations of me, depending on who they are... However, professionally, I think I need to 'look the part', but only if I'm comfortable. I was going to buy a cheap tunic, like those worn at salons, but the more I looked I wasn't convinced. Too much polyester for my liking. Not that I'm snobby about it, but natural fibres are better for the flow of ki.

And then I didn't know what colour to buy. I definitely didn't want all white, considered black but thought it was too severe. I've always had Goth friends, but never gone over to the dark side. I decided on what they call chocolate. Not too in your face either. I think I made the right choice. Well, I'll definitely know when I try it on.

I used to be a tomboy & didn't feel that feminine. I never really wore skirts, lots of jeans & boots mostly. I know I've changed quite a bit in these past few years, & I'm finally starting to enjoy being a girl! My most recent acquisition is a bright pink bag for 99p. I'm not totally convinced, but using it hasn't brought about any apocalypse yet. I guess what I'm getting to is that I'm not sure if how I look reflects what's on the inside? If these don't match, am I some how being dishonest? I certainly don't want to be high maintenance & need a separate cupboard for shoes.

I thought I'd be a qualified accountant by now, & I know what most of them look like. Smart shoes & a decent suit, bingo. At work I have a uniform. I don't know what a shiatsu/facial aculift massage/sotai practitioner looks like. Maye it'll be fun finding out.


  1. Anita,
    I usually wear a polo shirt and loose trousers: smart, comfortable and nothing to dangle or flap in a clients face. I have received from other practitioners who wore similar garb.

    I have seen one shiatsu practitioner who went with the tops usually associated with physiotherapists: white with the blue trim. That looked smart too and her Ki connection seemed great.

  2. Hi Tony, hope you're well. I haven't got round to properly reading your blog recently :(
    Thanks for the info. It's useful to get feedback about what other people wear.