Thursday, 19 July 2007


I got what looks like a promising book out of the library today. It's called The Spiritual Teachings of the Tao by Mark Forstater. I've dabbled with other books about Taoism, such as the Tao of Pooh & the Te of Piglet. For some reason today, the opening chapter of this book made a lot of sense.
Studying shiatsu & aikido seem to me to come under the umbrella of Taoism really. I guess I haven't previously thought that. How can I get a day job that fits in with that? Or is that the hard part?? In aikido, we try to bring the positivity we practice on the mat off into every day life.
Hmm, this is not a clear thought process at the moment, so I think I'll write more when I've done more thinking!

I'm curious if any other shiatsu practioners or students feel this way. Just makes sense to me at the moment...


  1. Anita,
    You might also like 365 Tao: Daily Meditations. A tao saying or proverb for each day of the year with commentary. Inspirational. I still dip into mine after two years of owning a copy.

  2. I think trying to get a day job that fits in with Taoism is being too intellectual about it. I reckon the trick is just to be in a job you're happy with (or be happy with the job you're in) and let the Taoism bit take care of itself if it wants to.

    FWIW I like this book but I expect many may find it irritating.

  3. Hi Tony, thanks for the recommendation. I've looked at that book quite a few times in bookshops.

    Hi Gary, after I published the post I thought that too. If you try too hard then it won't work that way!
    Why do you think people will find that book irritating? (I haven't read it myself)

  4. Just the way he writes, it's... different :) Read this article and you'll see what I mean. I reckon you either love or hate his style -- no inbetweens!