Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Diagnosis, arghhh!

I admit I've been a bit scared of the whole diagnosis procedure. I guess the concern is that I complete the questions, hara diagnosis etc. & then still have no idea what to do.
At the last class, my boyfriend & some of his family came along for clinical practice. It was such a useful experience for me, as it made me realise I can do it.
Yeah, I may not get it spot on, or some people may present lots of signs & symptoms, but I can do it! I've now completed the paperwork for 2 people, & I'm not sure what I was so worried about.

I did a treatment on my boyfriend the other night, after completing the whole process. And I did the most confident shiatsu I've done in ages. I knew what I wanted to do & just got on with it, without too much brain interfering.
I think it's especially important for me, as previously I've got frustrated with any shiatsu I do on him. Maybe I want to get it right too much, & 'fix' any thing wrong. That said, not all girlfriends can do that, so kinda cool!

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