Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A positive day

I know I need to improve my skills regarding talking to people about shiatsu. I haven't done any advertising & need to practise advertising both myself & shiatsu.
When I had a haircut today at a new hairdressers, the opportunity just fell into my lap! The chap asked if I knew of any where local he could get a massage (or some thing), so that he can relax & feel fresh for the next week at work. And this was before I mentioned shiatsu! I didn't immediately respond that I could help; my brain seemed to working 10 to the dozen about how to phrase it. So, I briefly explained about shiatsu & the level I'm at, & then gave him my details when I went to pay.
He seemed really interested, & even mentioned he might give Facial Aculift Massage a go.
When I left I felt great!! :) Almost like I don't care if he doesn't get in contact, it felt so good to be excited & confident about it. It's how I need to be. I know people will seem interested & never book a session, but it's a start, yay!

I also had a great aikido class tonight. I've been struggling slightly since I changed classes, but I know that's partly because the 2 teachers' styles are quite different. I nearly decided to change classes again, but think there's a lot for me that I need at this class. I feel I need to be challenged, & also to improve my positivity in my practise.
I practised with another green belt for a bit, & then Sensei said we both were going off to do some thing 'a bit different'. We practised randori, with the help of one of the teachers. Usually in class we practise kata, which means we both know what's expected of us, & take turns attacking & following. Randori in comparison is free-style practise, which I haven't done huge amounts of.
I started off thinking way too much, which ended up in me moving out the way, going, "Um" & not finishing the move. Frustrating, as I know I can do stuff. Then it started to happen, & I loved it. By the time Sensei came to watch I was quite happy with my progress, & he congratulated me for improving. I wanna do more!


  1. Great blog first of all. Re "changing teachers", I've been forced into this several times in my Aiki career, and the best way Ive found to deal with it is to treat the first few weeks as purely enjoyment, ie not beat yourself up over the differences between each instructors style. After a while things sink in, almost by osmosis! Enjoy.

  2. Hi, Dunken.
    Thanks for your visit & comment :)
    I am enjoying the classes & feel that they are good experience for me.

    Yours was the first aikido book I bought! (so I was very surprised when I realised)