Thursday, 10 April 2008

Running update

Well, I started running at the beginning of February, but feel I haven't progressed as much as I might have due to a dodgy knee. At first, I thought it was just a bit stiff due to my body getting used to this new exercise. However, I then realised it had some thing to do with my pelvis being out & visited my chiropractor. Yup, pelvis was waaay out. Great, I thought, give it time to settle down & then I can get back out there running. My knee had other ideas & spent over 2 weeks being swollen. If I'm honest it's still not 100%. Running & cycling are fine, but when I kneel it isn't comfortable to put all my weight on that leg.

Injury aside, I'm still really enjoying running. I want to do more, & when it's sunny I find myself glancing out the window at work thinking, "Yay, I'll go for a run".
When I ran Monday, it was further than I've done to date & found it a bit hard going on the way back. So, I started to play around with where my focus was. First of all, I focused on my breathing, but found it just made me more aware of how loud it seemed. Then I tried focusing on when my feet hit the pavement & thinking of running more lightly. This seemed to help & next thing I was at the part where I walk back. I've tried thinking of my centre when I run, but I'm not sure how that felt.

I'm going to do the Woodley 10K run on 18th May, & the Race for Life on 1st June.
I admit I'm a bit nervous about the 10k as I haven't yet run the distance. I'm sure I'll be fine, as I seem to be fitter than I think I am!

I passed my final theory exam!

Our final theory exam was originally scheduled for 21st June. At our last week end of study, our principal asked if we wanted to take it early to get it out of the way. If we failed, we could consider it a mock, & if we passed, fantastic!

There was a lot of 'umming' & 'aahing', & we decided to sit the exam, which was a bit scary considering none of us had revised. We marked each other's papers, & I found this a really good 'class' as we discussed the questions & answers in depth.
I got 81.5%, which I am so proud of! Again & again, there's hard evidence that I know more than I think I do. It's given me a big confidence boost, & I feel like I'm that much closer to graduating.