Thursday, 10 April 2008

Running update

Well, I started running at the beginning of February, but feel I haven't progressed as much as I might have due to a dodgy knee. At first, I thought it was just a bit stiff due to my body getting used to this new exercise. However, I then realised it had some thing to do with my pelvis being out & visited my chiropractor. Yup, pelvis was waaay out. Great, I thought, give it time to settle down & then I can get back out there running. My knee had other ideas & spent over 2 weeks being swollen. If I'm honest it's still not 100%. Running & cycling are fine, but when I kneel it isn't comfortable to put all my weight on that leg.

Injury aside, I'm still really enjoying running. I want to do more, & when it's sunny I find myself glancing out the window at work thinking, "Yay, I'll go for a run".
When I ran Monday, it was further than I've done to date & found it a bit hard going on the way back. So, I started to play around with where my focus was. First of all, I focused on my breathing, but found it just made me more aware of how loud it seemed. Then I tried focusing on when my feet hit the pavement & thinking of running more lightly. This seemed to help & next thing I was at the part where I walk back. I've tried thinking of my centre when I run, but I'm not sure how that felt.

I'm going to do the Woodley 10K run on 18th May, & the Race for Life on 1st June.
I admit I'm a bit nervous about the 10k as I haven't yet run the distance. I'm sure I'll be fine, as I seem to be fitter than I think I am!


  1. Hiya,

    Yeah, I've kind of given up on shiatsu. I was thinking about restarting in September but I just spent a load of money on a holiday and on learning to dive so I doubt that'll happen now!


    PS are you on Facebook?

  2. Hi, Gary. Lovely to hear from you. I wasn't sure if you were checking your blog.
    I'm sorry to hear that :(
    Diving's good too. I did my Open Water course with Padi in 2004, but haven't dived for some years now.
    Yeah, I am.