Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Getting back to blogging

I've now done my first 2 races, which were in May & June.
I did my 10k in just under 1 hour 8 minutes, which I'm proud of. Despite being told on the start line not to set off too quickly, I did any way & the first 6K flew by. Unfortunately, I then had 2 stitches & really heavy legs, so had to slow down. I ambled up to the finish line, & only thought about speeding up when encouraged by some one shouting, "Come on, chicken!" (And yes, it was aimed at me)

It was amazing to see all the different types of people running. I was overtaken by a small dog, & came in round the same time as a guy carrying a hod full of bricks!
I think the weirdest thing was that I seemed to get the post race blues, & just felt blah afterwards. After doing some reading, it appears to be quite common, but not some thing I even considered.

I raised £365.00 for the 5K Race for Life for Cancer Research, woo hoo!
Unfortunately, I still had some bug on the day & didn't feel so good during or after the race. I'm pleased I managed to run the whole way & it showed me what I can do, even when I'm not 100%. The atmosphere was great & it amazed me how many people's lives are touched by cancer.

I've been struggling a bit recently with my running, so have been leaving my watch at home & just running about 3.5 miles. Even though it's been hot I've been enjoying it. I think I started to get a bit too focused on increasing my mileage & speed, plus not running regularly due to illness. This meant each run felt hard & I couldn't imagine running 10K.
I've signed up for a 10 mile race in October, but I'm just going to work on enjoying it & building my stamina back up.