Thursday, 5 August 2010

Speedwork sessions & aikido prep

I've recently joined the local running club, but haven't been as often as I'd planned to.
I went along today to their weekly speedwork session & really enjoyed it. We ran 6 sets of 400 metres round the track, with a 3 minute rest between each lap. Boy, did those 3 minutes pass quickly!
I tried to run the laps at my fastest pace, but my legs were getting pretty tired on the 5th & 6th one. However, I can definitely see some improvement compared with when I was last at the track. 

I'd like to improve my fitness as part of my preparation towards my black belt. Well, this week so far has been pretty good, as I've cycled into work twice & run twice.

I also have an aikido practise before work tomorrow, & then we're off to visit the other clubs in our association for classes on Saturday & Sunday. 

I've also done some shiatsu study to exercise my brain as well!