Sunday, 28 November 2010

Coach level 1 aikido course

I really enjoyed the course and found it very inspiring.
Day 1 was theory, covering information about setting up a club, health and safety, child protection etc.
Day 2 was mainly on the mat, as 12 of us taught for 15 minutes and then received feedback. About half of the attendees were from my association, Aikido for Daily Life, but we also had some people from Aikido Alive and some other dojos. I thoroughly enjoyed practising with and being taught by people from different styles of aikido.

When it came my turn to teach, I found that I wasn't at all nervous! I looked around at every one and felt calm and collected. I've helped and encouraged other students before, but it was strange being Sensei for a change. I think the hardest thing was knowing where to place my uke, so that people could see properly.

I got every one to practise the first move, ikkyo, whilst concentrating on extending out into the Heart channel along the arm. I then covered shihonage, getting them to extend into Lung-10. And I started to look at kotagaeshi, extending into Triple Heater-3 and where the little finger contacts at Heart-7 and Heart Protector-7, but ran out of time. I'm really enjoying both aikido and shiatsu at the moment, and love the fact that I could combine the two!   
We all passed, and I found it illuminating to be able to move outside my comfort zone and still be relaxed.

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  1. I had a fantastic time as well, and the best bit was seeing all of you guys doing so well in your 15 minutes of fame. You all should be really proud of yourselves! :)