Sunday, 28 November 2010

One practical down

I sat the first of my shiatsu final practical assessments earlier this week!
This has been some thing I've been putting off for quite some time, so it felt great to finally have them booked in the diary. I'm so close to graduating that it seems silly not to finish it all off now. It won't make any difference to the shiatsu I'm doing on people, but will mean I get the final OK from my school and can move on.
I think before I worried that graduating meant I needed to be some kind of shiatsu expert? Doesn't make much sense to me now really.

It seems good timing that I did the coach level 1 course recently, as I took that relaxed feeling into my assessment and enjoyed it, rather than being nervous. I realised after doing the coach course that doing my shiatsu assessment wasn't all that different. Both involve doing my stuff, and then a teacher gives me their opinion of it. No biggie, no need for stress and worry. I wish I'd worked that out a long time ago! I used to a perfectionist and a worrier. I've come to the conclusion that neither are much fun or help me accomplish much.

Once again, I enjoyed some thing that took me out of my comfort zone and my assessment went well, in my opinion. I won't get my result until I sit the next one, and then both teachers will discuss their findings. However, my teacher said, "I had nothing to worry about", which was very encouraging!

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