Friday, 24 December 2010

Giving some thing back

Well, Christmas is nearly here once again!
In some ways, I wonder where the year has gone, but I also feel I've done quite a bit from a self-development point of view. I did the first of my final practicals for shiatsu, & felt completely relaxed about the whole affair, rather than fearful like I had done previously. I've rediscovered my love for aikido & couldn't imagine it not being in my life. Overall I feel more grounded & emotionally more balanced. Yay Whoop, as Shaun would say :)  

I've been running since 2008 & reading the article, A Helping Hand, on the Runner's World website made me think of working with beginners in aikido. When I started practising, I found it hard to see what more experienced students would get out of partnering up with me. I found myself apologising to them, wondering if they were bored or simply waiting to be able to move on. Consequently, I put myself under more pressure to do the movement correctly & felt frustrated.

I recently did the Coach Level 1 course & have also been practising with a complete beginner at our club.
I think I finally get it!
With the role now reversed I'm able to give some thing back by encouraging a new person & help lead the movement in the right direction. Also, working with a complete beginner reminds me of where I came from & how much I've progressed. I'm learning too, as I need to be as clear as I can be to help my partner... If I ask Sensei questions, some times it's on behalf of them, but often it's because I need clarification to be able to move in a more positive way.

I have a wonderful husband, family & friends. It makes me realise I can constantly be giving some thing back by repaying their kindness & thoughtfulness with my own behaviour & actions.
Merry Christmas!