Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My filofax journey to Malden

My first filofax was a cherry personal Classic, which I initially loved, but over time didn't seem quite right for me. It never laid flat, felt too formal/professional looking and I worried that the slightly padded leather exterior would get dented or scratched if put it in a bag with keys or other every day stuff. 

Take two... and I purchased a personal Kendal half price in WHSmith's never ending filofax sale.
It did lay flat after some gentle persuasion.
And I thought that was it, until I read some of the Malden enabling posts on Philofaxy. The more I read, the more I was tempted but I hate having too many of the same type of belongings! (I guess that's partly why I'm interested in minimalism) I considered selling both the Classic and Kendal on eBay, and using the proceeds to purchase a Malden. In the meantime, I also dabbled in using a chocolate mini Cross and a purple mini Finsbury as my wallet, but sold them both as they were a bit too small and also fiddly to get to my change. Really pleased as my Kendal sold for a good price too recently. 

And then some of the leather on my Classic started to crack slightly, which I was a bit miffed at considering how much they cost! Filofax UK kindly agreed to replace it (even though purchased else where) and the replacement arrived with the spine and contents loose inside! Back went the replacement, and it suddenly dawned on me that I could ask for a Malden instead. Yay, I now have my Malden and it's my filofax nirvana! 


  1. Good move going for the Malden as a replacement, I've heard of a few others doing that as well.

    I bet your Malden doesn't need the same degree of training to lay flat!


  2. Wow - that's some tough love you gave the Kendal - did the buyer see that picture with the moonrock and medical tome deployed?

    I've also received a Filofax by post and found the spine completely detached - extraordinary, considering that I've carried these things almost daily for 25 years without a bother.


  3. Love your Malden... also love how you persuaded your previous Filofax to lie flat. I am a total Malden fan.... and can't see me changing out of my current Filofax for years (unless they bring out a purple Malden which I would buy in a flash!!!).

  4. It's funny how many Malden owners have yet to buy a new binder - it's just that great a binder! (I broke down and bought a Compact Chameleon but only because it's slimmer.) The first binder I bought was a chocolate cross - I LOVE that binder. But I don't use it for anything except archiving. I just can't bring myself to sell it.

  5. Hi guys, thanks for visiting & for your comments :)

    @ Steve: I'm really glad I swapped & understand why people love the Maldens so much. Nope, flat straight out of the box, which was lovely.
    @ Gerard: I only did it once or twice as the Kendal did lie pretty flat any way. I think the filo came out of its box and rattled around inside the padded envelope, but I was surprised too.
    @ Globetrottingcacti: I agree! And a purple Malden would be very tempting :)
    @ kanalt: Yes, it does seem once you go Malden that's the case. I recently got an A4, but am not at all tempted by any other binders currently. I know a lot of people have filos for archiving, but some how I hate the idea of them just sitting on a shelf (even if they do look good).

  6. I have the same issues with my personal Classic in Cherry :( I am considering contacting Filofax about a replacement as I have only had it 7 months and the cracking on the leather is ridiculous, especially considering the price!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anna. & sorry I missed it :(

      I'd definitely recommend contacting Filofax (if you haven't already) as the replacement for mine was very easy to do. I asked them if it is a known issue with the Classics, but they didn't answer the question & just replaced it!