Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things I love Tuesday

It still begins with a T, so close enough for me.
What I've been enjoying recently:
  • Re-reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
  • Getting loads done at work today
  • Cooking a scrummy new recipe for my husband and friends at the week end - roast pork with mini apricot and almond balls (recipe above)
  • Selling lots of my stuff on eBay - I get rid of it & get money? Brilliant!
  • Generally feeling very happy and contented
  • Wearing my new summer dress today and pink nail polish with glitter in... very girly 
  • Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary at the week end, thanks for a wonderful year, honey!
  • Going for a run in the sunshine
  • Delivery of my bargain A4 Identity filofax today, but not allowed to open it as it's a birthday prezzie. I'm planning on using it to help improve my GTD system, for things like my tickler file, project support material and then see what space is left. 


  1. The dress is so cute! :-) You should do modelling pictures!

  2. Thanks, CP :) That was my frugal fail!
    Like your ones? (your commentary made me laugh)