Monday, 15 August 2011

What, another filofax??

Shortly after selling 2 filofaxes, I soon found myself perusing some more lovelies online! What is about these things?? For a while, I've been tempted by the space of an A4 which has the added bonus of cheap hole punches and being able to make my own templates more easily. I will definitely be frequenting DIY Planner when I have the time.

I came across a brand new Identity on eBay and snapped it up at the buy it now price. At the time it seemed different to what I thought an Identity looked like, but I figured maybe it was an older version as no diary was included.

Once I had a nose inside, I realised it definitely wasn't an Identity...
I've never even heard of Strata and Filofax UK no longer stock it, but I'd managed to get a leather A4 filo for a great price, bargain! It's also lighter than I expected (based on what some other folk have said about the A4) and I'd be happy to pop it in my satchel and walk to the library to do a bit of study.  

I really like the sleek and minimal styling, kind of like the James Bond (in a tux) of filofaxes :)
I don't have much in it yet, only the inserts it came with and a couple of extra bits and pieces.

My cat's Weight Watchers sheet, poor thing, she's been on a diet ever since I got her back.
 Doesn't my personal Malden look small and fat in comparison in this last one? (shh, I don't want her to get a complex...)

My plan is to use it as my GTD tickler file, for project support material and to gather up all the other GTD paperwork that won't fit into my personal Malden.
And that's it... no more filofaxes!! (some of you are probably laughing at the very idea) My personal is my main 'doing' one which I can pop in my bag easily, and the A4 will be in a supporting role for storing working papers and for when I need more space to plan or create mind maps. 


  1. I like my A4 too, although it's not currently in regular use. I think if I was working it would be the one I would keep in the office.

  2. Hi Steve, & thanks for your comment.
    I haven't had time to put it in use yet, but I'm looking forward to setting it up :)

  3. Very nice find! I like both your filofaxes, and I think it's a good idea to have a 'working' one and a 'project' one. Thanks for linking up with my Show Me Your Stationery!

    1. You're welcome & thanks for your comment, Molly :)