Thursday, 29 September 2011

Music and my moods - All Stars post by Imy

I'm delighted to have another wonderful guest post for you. It's great to have some music on my blog and thanks to the wonderful Imy for sharing some of her taste in music. I like a bit of System of A Down too :)

A while ago the lovely Anita did a post on my blog about what is in her bag as part of the All Stars Philofaxy Tour!

And I could not think of an idea at all, then suddenly I had the idea of music and my moods, they're all a bit cheesy I guess but it's just music that helps me through things!

I will start off with the more depressing side, as I was born Intersex, I have felt alone quite a lot, I know I'm not but it's hard when you know there is not that many people out there going through what you are, I know there are a lot worse things in the world, but it's just hard and the one song I always listen to when I feel like that is: -

Olive – You're not alone!

It relaxes me and reminds me of all the amazing Intersex friends I have out there!

Another slightly sad thing I listen to is when I feel like I have no friends, as I feel as if I lost my “real life” friends, including a best friend a very long time ago, even though my boyfriend is my best friend, just that girl best friend you call when ever.

No Doubt – Don’t Speak

When I was younger I used to cry to this song thinking about a friend I lost, sad I know.

Now here goes my more bizarre taste in music which most of you won't like as much!

When I feel really stressed and annoyed I listen to this song, I always find that FAST HARD music relaxes me when I feel angry or stressed! (The original song I was going to put was a bit inappropriate).

That was all my more down unhappy music for when I don’t feel great, but now for some more happy music!

So a song that gives me lots of great happy memories, it would be this song because my old best friend and I had a great evening to it at a music festival, it just reminds me of the magical fun we had, I also listened to it on the way to the Philofaxy meet up this weekend, and it just made me feel so happy before, and the sun was actually coming up as I was on the way there, which is why I used it for the video!

Example – Watch the Sun Come Up

A song that makes me feel happy no matter what day of the week it is, whether it is a Monday morning or a Wednesday lunch time is another random song but it's something I was brought up with!

Union Jack – Red Herring

(Give it time it builds up)

The song that I LOVE to sing along to and dance along to is something from when I was in Primary school, I bet everyone will want to sing along with this!

Spice Girls – Stop

This is the last one I promise! It's just the chart song that I have in my head constantly, and the video is so dodgy but I love it!

LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

I hope you have enjoyed my very random taste in music, I could have put some System of a Down in but I thought that might scare people a little.

Thank you very much Anita for letting me post on your blog!!!

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