Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vintage Winchester filofax

Last week end whilst visiting family, the subject of discussion came around to filofaxes. My husband's uncle mentioned that he'd used one for work in the 80's and after a bit of rummaging and emptying, handed me the beauty below!
After some searching on Philofaxy, it seems it's a Winchester king crocodile calf leather print according to here. I really don't know much about vintage filos, but believe the Winchester is a bit of a classic.

 This definitely isn't one that lies flat!
Comparison with my personal Malden.

As you can see from some of the photos, it could do with a little TLC. All I've done at the moment is given it a clean with a baby wipe and it's airing as it smells a little. Looking online, I've found various sites recommending putting it in a container with cat litter or bicarbonate of soda to remove the smell. Steve wrote a great post about caring for your organiser over at Imysworld, which I'll definitely be using in my little restoration project.

Despite some scuffs, which I hope will polish out, it's in great condition for its age and the earliest inserts are dated either 1984 or 1985. The ring mechanism is sound and shuts with a healthy click. I had considered keeping it, but really don't feel the need for another filo (even a vintage one) and it'll be going on eBay when it's a little more cared for.


  1. ¡Ay, caramba!

    That's a wonderful filofax, although it's the great shame of the world that the pop fasteners disappear like that. My dream filo would incorporate the indestructible Malden-style metal popper.

    I've never before seen the designation CCF in the code - it's usually CLF, which stands for Calf, Leather, Fastener. It might be worth posting a question on Philofaxy about this aspect.

  2. Wow - what a great find. Sure there must be some vintage Filofaxes in charity shops/car boot sales around the country. Sounds like a fun restoration project.

  3. Hi Gerard, & thanks for your reply to my comment on Philofaxy. Kinda missed it in among all the ones about folks' 9 euro bargains!
    I agree, I've only ever seen CLF in the code before, but the vintage filos haven't had the mock croc pattern. I was thinking asking Filofax if they could replace the pop fastener maybe.

    Hi globetrottingcacti :)
    I agree, there are probably loads tucked away gathering dust some where. I've never seen any in our local charity shops unfortunately.

  4. Lovely to see a classic like this Anita.
    I reckon it dates from 1987 to 1989.
    The RRP in 1989 would have been £55 - a fairly hefty sum then.

  5. Hi gmax & thanks for your comment :)
    Great to get some more details about it & thanks for sharing them with me.