Friday, 28 October 2011

Competition time

After the recent filofax competitions, I've decided it's time to host my very own here!
I recently purchased some beautiful leather covered notebooks and decided one of them would make a lovely prize.

Up for grabs is an A6 hardback lined notebook with a red leather slip cover. The finish reminds me of the Amazona filofax range, feels great to touch and smells scrummy. The great thing is that the cover isn't permanently attached, so you could swap it to another notebook once you've filled this one up.

Interested in winning this beauty?? Here's how to take part:
  1. What time does the second aikido class finish?
  2. What is the name of the aikido club teacher?
  3. How much does your first aikido class cost?
  4. What colour clothes am I wearing in the shiatsu video?
  5. What was I diagnosed with that led me to complementary medicine?
  6. How much do I charge for 10 minutes of seated massage?
  7. What are the names of the main contributors to Philofaxy?
  8. What is the date of the next Philofaxy London meet up?
  9. Who is Filofax collaborating with to create two limited edition organisers to be launched during London Fashion Week 2012?
  10. What country does Steve live in?
The closing date for the competition is Sunday 13th November, and good luck!


  1. I could scupper this by moving house ha ha!!!

  2. Ha ha, didn't think of that! You're allowed to move once the competition's over though :)

  3. I promise not to hide the About page ;-) Small hint!!