Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Filofax embargo

I've read in different places that a great way to stick to a goal is to publicly announce it.
So, here goes... I am not going to buy any more filofaxes!
Two is enough for me, and I can appreciate other people's but not feel the need to purchase more.

The lovely Ro recently commented on how many filofaxes do you own with 'still just the one. It works for me, plus I am loyal and content'. So it is possible... I have recently found myself once again perusing eBay and emailing Dee at Neal Street to find out how much the slimline Amazonas are with 50% off, but no more, I say!

I am content with my beautiful Malden and spacious Strata. Done.


  1. http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2011/02/filofax-organisers-how-many-do-you-own.html will tell you you don't even own two...

    I only have 4.137 Philofaxy's not 13... I have to get another because 13 is unlucky for some people?

  2. Ah, thanks Steve!
    I had forgotten about this & therefore only have 1.260 Philofaxy's :)
    Wow, you can 8 minis & not even have a whole Philofaxy...

  3. I had forgotten as well! But the recent poll reminded me!

  4. Right there with ya, supporting and cheering you on!

  5. Thanks, Ro :)
    I think my resolve may be tested when I visit the Neal Street store on the Philofaxy meet up! Will maybe buy a pen or some thing else cheap as a memento of the day :)

  6. Ah, good for you for sticking to only two. I wish I could stick to a small number, though it's too late for that. I have a need to have variety of planners and bags so that I can change them out as I see fit, so I don't think I'd be satisfied with just two. Obviously, since I have a small collection going already. ;)

  7. Hi kanalt & thanks for your comment.
    I can definitely understand having different filos for different purposes, & for when you fancy a change! There are some lovely vintage ones on eBay currently that are very tempting :)