Thursday, 3 November 2011

Got to inbox zero, yay!

Following on from my previous post about Inbox Zero, I have finally achieved zero :)
Great feeling. My @ waiting for is shown to remind me in case I need to follow up, and anything else is archived just for information.
Now I'm going to work on clearing to zero on a more regular basis, maybe daily or weekly depending on how much email I'm receiving.

I also love the new look of Gmail and the theme I'm using is called Tree Tops.


  1. Well done. Now keep it that way!

    I have lots of mail archived, I think my mailbox is at about 40% but I keep the inbox as empty as possible.

  2. Stupid question, but how do you choose a theme for your inbox? I was trying to do it yesterday and I couldn't see an option for themes :(

  3. @ Steve - thanks & yes, that's the plan! Will be much easier than letting it get out of control again. Still at zero :)

    @ Millie - hiya, thanks for your visit & comment. It looks like they've updated mine now. If you click on the little icon that's now in the right corner (looks like another little gear & shows just above the messages), it shows themes there.
    Or you can click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner & find them in mail settings, 2nd in from the left.

  4. Thank you, I've managed to do it with your help! I've chosen the oceans one!

  5. You're very welcome, Millie :)