Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rub it better

'Massage really does heal tired muscles. A genetic analysis of leg-muscle biopsies taken before, directly after and 3 hours after a post-exercise massage shows that gene activity linked with pain and inflammation is reduced compared with unmassaged muscle (Science Translational Medicine, DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3002882)'.

My husband found this for me in the New Scientist magazine dated 04/02/12 and I thought it was quite interesting. Further details can be read here. As a runner I've read articles in the past about the benefits of post-race massage and there seem to be conflicting opinions, like with any thing.
Also, from a shiatsu practitioner's perspective I not only want my sessions to help a client, but am very interested in the practical reasons why my techniques will work. I've just signed up to a 5-week online course with New Energy Work to look into the latest scientific ideas about how shiatsu works.   

I've been thinking recently that I want both my aikido and shiatsu to be grounded, practical and actually work. Both of them have, in my opinion, fascinating theory and philosophy but in their own ways aren't just about waving your hands around and hoping you'll get the results you'd like! So, I've decided it's time to set myself some more goals in both areas and put some further study time in. I realised last night at aikido that I'm just starting to scratch the surface of just how much power I'm capable of and it's been my habit in the past to hold back. I can understand holding back when I'm practising with a beginner, but at the second class yesterday I was practising with a lovely guy who's trained for close to 20 years! And I know I was holding back, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, as he can definitely look after himself. So, it's all about varying my practise for each individual person at their appropriate level. I'm really enjoying assisting in the first class and I like that I can challenge some one of a lower grade, like other more experienced students and teachers can do for me.   

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