Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for connection

I've recently started listening to Introduction to psychology, which is available free on iTunes U and the lecturer starts by talking about love. He says that love, in the form of romantic relationships, is good for civilisation as it brings people together. I suppose that this got me to thinking that so much is about connecting with other people, whether it's in everyday life or in shiatsu, pushing hands or aikido.

Last Saturday, I attended the Sit in Peace event with Thich Nhat Hanh at Trafalgar Square. The Facebook event showed 3,366 people as going and as you can see from here, it was well attended! I went with two beautiful ladies that I'd met going to see Michael Franti and Spearhead. We had very little time at the concert to talk, but I immediately felt a connection with them and knew I wanted to see them again. Within a very short space of time, it felt like I'd known them for years and we had a wonderful day of talking, laughter, scrummy food and meditation. 

During the meditation, I initially was amazed that all I could hear was traffic and that I could have been sat by myself in the square. Then I started to tune in and was aware of things like my friend's knee slightly touching mine and then the steady breathing of the man on the other side of me. I worked on extending my awareness further out and immediately felt on the brink of tears. I can't say exactly what moved me in this way, but on several occasions during the event, I felt quite emotional. Towards the end of the monks' chanting, people were quietly starting to join in with the melody and it struck me as such a simple form of connection.  
I suppose all of this was in stark contrast to travelling back on the tube, where eye contact is generally avoided.

I find nowadays in day to day life, it's much easier for me to connect with people around me. I think it's a mixture of my aikido and shiatsu training, and that I'm much more confident now. It can be as basic as a smile or a 'hello', or the other day I complimented a lady on her fantastic shoes! It made her smile and I felt glad for this little interaction before I went on my way.


  1. Wow. Powerful post. Must say the photos on Flickr made me gasp..and tear up.

    And-it really is amazing when you meet people for the first time, you start talking and it feels as though you've known each other forever. In ways, I think we have.

    1. Thanks Deb & I hope you're much better.
      It was a special event & looking at the photos brings the emotion back to me.

      The internet is an amazing way to connect, like you say :)
      Gotta visit Canada again some day!

  2. Interaction with others is so important. People don't realise how much we need it, until we are starving for it.

    I remember once, I went to buy a pair of shoes, and the guy at the register said, I smelled good, that made me feel so good, that he was brave enough to say something like that to me in front of strangers. I will always remember that, a total stranger, I know he was the cashier and they have to be nice, but make a compliment like that?

    Was he hitting on me, and genuinely connecting. I don't know, I won't ever know, but it left a lasting impression :)