Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for positivity

I'd like to share the following, written by my dear husband, about the positivity principle of aikido practice. 

'Aikido is about both positive physical movement and positive thought. Even when reacting to an attack by physically moving backwards, our physical posture is upright and directed forwards, while mentally our attention is forward with our attacker at all times, rather than focused to where we are moving.
Through regular practice then, our habit is to become more positive – given a challenge on or off the mat, our thought will be 'how can I do that' rather than 'that can't be done by me', when action is required, our habit will be to act, in an appropriate way, immediately, rather than to form a mental committee to debate the pros and cons of taking action and, once a decision is made and action taken, find that the situation is even worse.
Think of those people who most easily move through life, of all the attributes that they all have, how many of those people can be said to be positive? Surely this make this a desirable habit to have?'

I also think this can apply without training in a martial art, as by practising something we can then make it habit. When I used to feel shy in social situations, I used to use the 'fake it till you make it' approach and one day I realised I wasn't pretending any more. If I'm not feeling quite so positive, I'll ask myself, "How would I be talking, standing and acting if I was feeling positive?" and then the idea is to emulate those behaviours to help me change my mood and actions.

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