Friday, 27 April 2012

X is for xenodocheionology

Xenodocheionology means a love of hotels and inns, according to the Dictionary of Difficult Words.
I've found out recently that my sister, niece and I all share of a love of staying in hotels and new places. On arriving, I think my husband is a bit more normal as he usually heads for the kettle after putting his bag down or taking off his shoes.
In comparison, I seem to have adopted this little routine:

  • Put my bag down
  • Look in the bathroom to check out the fluffiness of the towels and what the free soap/shower gel are like
  • Look in the wardrobe - not sure why I do this one... 
  • Sit on the bed to test how comfy it might be
  • Look out the window
  • Briefly browse any information leaflets and menus
  • Take off my shoes
  • Curl up on the bed with my husband.  
After some thought about it, I think by doing these things I'm prolonging my initial excitement at staying somewhere different and new. It's like I don't want to spoil the experience by rushing in and taking it for granted? It doesn't feel like a compulsion though, but more like me taking time to appreciate my surroundings which can't be a bad thing. I also enjoy the comparative sparseness of only having minimal possessions, as mentioned previously here

Generally I don't like rushing, and enjoy being more mindful by taking the time with whatever I'm doing. 
For example, I think many filofax fans will agree that you can't rush the opening of a new binder! 


  1. I do all of that too. Just in a different order. I don't know why I look in the wardrobe either. Haha. Xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    The first thing my sister does in a hotel room is check the inside of the kettle to decide whether it's clean enough to use!

    I always check the info - it there are menus, that's even better!

  3. lol... love that new binder smell! And I love hotels too. I even like the smell of them.. probably cuz it reminds me of being somewhere new. I love traveling and am one of those peeps who can adapt to just about anywhere. And sleep anywhere too. :)

  4. Now there's a word I'll remember. lol! I love hotels too, but I am a bit more like your hubby and my hubby is more like you. He is always opening drawers, and he draws the curtains immediately to check out our view! :)

  5. What a great X word - and I am totally guilty of this one! I just got back form a 2 day writers' retreat at a wonderful Inn. I think I want to be a permanent resident!

  6. What a strange thing to have a special word for...and what a strange word!