Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Filofax holiday essentials challenge

I'm delighted to say that I am taking part in the filofax holiday essentials challenge, as mentioned here on Philofaxy. These beautiful filofaxes arrived in the post today - a kingfisher blue Metropol, a violet Domino and a sage Swift. The challenge is to create a mood board for each filofax, showing the holiday essentials I'd take along to each location; a countryside jaunt, beach paradise or city break. 

The first thing I needed to do was read up about mood boards, as I'd heard of the term before but didn't know much about them. The next question was how do I actually go about creating one on my PC? I don't own Photoshop, and Paint seemed much too basic for manipulating multiple images in one document. After a bit of a search, I downloaded GIMP (the GNU image manipulation program) and found it quite easy after reading this very helpful post here

Once the mood boards have been uploaded onto the filofax Facebook page, I will be sharing mine here. 
And now for the exciting bit... I will be running a little competition during week commencing 16th July to give away one of these lovely brand new filofaxes!   


  1. OHHHH! Can't wait to see these... This is a lot of fun!

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  3. Thanks, ladies :)
    I really enjoyed doing the mood boards & am looking forward to seeing what other people chose.