Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I've realised that since returning from Iceland, I've felt a little overwhelmed by things. Whilst I was there, I had a minimal amount of clothes and jewellery, one pair of shoes, wash stuff, running kit, two books, my filofax, travel documents, camera, iPod and really not much else. And I loved that. I think since returning home, I've felt a little overwhelmed by things like:
  • The amount of stuff I own 
  • The number of channels available on TV
  • The volume of updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter
  • How quickly some people speak
  • Just too much input!
Whilst I was away, I had limited internet access and it made me wonder how I normally spend my time online and how much added value it gives me. I know there's the enjoyment of reading people's blogs and learning about all sorts of subjects, but I don't want to just look back at the end of the week, and feel I've frittered my time away. I suppose I want to focus better so that I feel that I'm achieving something by writing more regular posts for here and Philofaxy, or researching information for a specific project I'd like to work on, like knitting a scarf for my hubby or teaching myself more about photo editing.   

I think that's it... I want to focus on what I already have and decide on what I enjoy, use and love in my life, and get rid of the rest. On my recent trip up to London, I visited the Dr. Martens store to try on some Triumph 1914 boots. Don't get me wrong, they are lovely but I already have a pair of long boots which are probably more versatile, so why on earth was I looking? I gave my Docs away some years ago, as I felt that a grown up woman shouldn't wear them and that it was time to move onto more sophisticated footwear. I rarely regret giving away my possessions, but I admit I miss them and I think I'll always be the kinda girl that wears them. Increasingly I'm in a weird situation of wanting material items, but also not wanting them and it's a bit confusing!

So, my plan is to sort through what I do have, give away or sell the unwanted/excess and limit my spending to essential purchases only for now. I'm a wannabe minimalist and have been spending too much time reading about it and not enough doing! More posts on the subject to follow :)  


  1. I think we could all learn a lot if we spent a little more time away from the internet. I know I spend hours a day on the internet but for me it is for work. You know? I want to be a writer and blogger for the rest of my life and that requires being online.

    But I still love to get away and do other things.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    Konstanz Silverbow

    1. Thank you for your kind comment.
      I absolutely agree with you as I want to become a better blogger & writer, but that involves being online more regularly... All a work in progress! I love your 100 book reading goal for the year :)

  2. Thanks for this post, i've read it just after posting on my own blog about spending less time online.

    I'm also going through the wanting to own less but struggling with it, I made a few purchases that I couldn't justify so sent them back, at least there's a little bit of progress. I feel overwhelmed by what I own!!!

    1. Hi Alison,
      I'm glad you're feeling less stressed & I know other people who felt that keeping up with Facebook was hard work!

      I've also been returning many things & feel relieved about it. I'm sorry that you feel overwhelmed by what you own. Can you break it down into smaller chunks to help you work out what will help? I'm going to create little projects to get me going, rather than look at it all & go, "Oh no!" :)

  3. We need to discuss this. I am in the same place... Wanting less but looking/wanting stuff at the same time. I really want a simple bracelet, found one that is perfect and deeply on sale, but because of residual "no buy" guilt, I can't seem to let myself have it. On the other hand, I pulled my cold weather wardrobe out of storage yesterday, and just did a mini purge of my closet, and I really didn't think I had anything less to purge. I am making myself a wee bit nuts...

    Buy the Docs. They are classic, and you know you will have them forever. Good investment, for sure.

    I am spending less than an hour on line every day, and some days (like last Sunday) I don't open my netbook at all. I am calmer because of it, and reading like crazy. It makes me wonder how I spent two or three hours every day on line. Part of that was shopping... A whole lot, in fact. Now none of it is. It is a relief.

    1. Ro, you crack me up with your 'we need to discuss this'! I do wish we lived a bit closer & could have a coffee together to chat about it. It's nuts, isn't it? I want it & I don't want it all at the same time.

      I'm surprised you're encouraging me to get the Docs though, but I know what you mean. I got my previous pair of them at age 18 & they still had loads of life in them so many years later.

      I think I used to obsess about purchases whilst I was making my mind up to get them. That takes up a heap of time & I don't miss it :)

  4. Well after our discussions on Saturday, I have put one thing in to place... I've put two of my Filofax organisers up for sale on Philofaxy. If they don't sell I will give them away, or give away for a donation to the charity. I'm not short of organisers...

    Like Ro I will be swapping my wardrobe over in the next day or two and sort through it as I do it.


    1. I think many of us are not short on organisers... :)

  5. Just had to comment to say that I am a grown up woman, and I pretty much live in DMs in the winter, and baseball boots in the summer... yes, okay I dress like a teenage boy, but I'm happy!

    Having a different perspective on your life can be a really good thing!

    1. I think that's exactly it, Annalisa! I'm happy in DMs & hoodies, but just have felt I *should* be wearing other stuff. The shoulds have got to go :)