Saturday, 29 September 2012

Philofaxy meet up 22nd September

I was a bit undecided on Saturday morning about what to do before the meet up in London. My choices were a) take a slow walk round to the Tate Modern along the Thames or b) jump on the tube to have a nose around Covent Garden and Chinatown. On the train I was reading Peace Is Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh, so I was very chilled on arrival at Waterloo and consequently found the noise and number of people a bit of a shock! I decided on the quieter option (like I did at the last meet up) as it was a beautiful day and enjoyed ambling along, listening to the buskers and watching everyone in the sun.

Hungerford footbridge

Leftover Christmas decoration?

The Great Gorilla Run was on 
It was so nice outside that I didn't even have a look around the Tate, and instead sat on a bench to read more of my book. It suddenly occurred to me that I wasn't 100% sure if I was near the right entrance to meet everyone, so went to have a little look and Steve, Thomas and Tracy were already there. I really enjoyed my hot sandwich at the cafe, and it wasn't long before the filofaxes came out with everyone swapping seats to chat with people from the other table. Lord Dodo was amazed to see a Dodo Pad dating back to 1980 in its original envelope, which Andy had brought with him.

Thomas' handmade cover for his Hamilton

Rebecca (Lord Dodo), Jess, Tracy, Steve, Imy and Andy from City Organiser

My purple personal Malden and bronze A5 Domino Snake, with Saz's wine A5 zipped Holborn and pocket crimson Malden 

Thomas' mini ochre Malden, personal Hamilton and pen case

Christa's pink A5 Classic, with Keji's grey compact Osterley and aqua personal Chameleon
The lovely Jess with Keji's super fat Chameleon
I still haven't done anything with the filofaxes I received for the holiday essentials challenge (I promise to sort that out soon), so took along the kingfisher blue Metropol as a give away. Steve picked out the winner from names in a glass and it was the wonderful Saz.

After making our way through the crowds, we quickly arrived outside the City Organiser store and I loved how a hush came over the group as Andy opened the door.

Saz, Alison, Tracy, Imy (hidden, I think) Christa, Preethi, Jess, Keji and Thomas

The Dynamic Duo :)

We were let loose in the amazing store room, and Imy was very excited about being able to scan one of the filos :)  

How many??

Christa, Tracy and Jess with the compact Osterleys

Purple A5 Malden tower
Soon it was time to say goodbye to some of our group and here's us all together.

L to R: Yasmin, Andy, Steve, Christa, Saz, Thomas, Tracy, Imy, Alison, Jess, Keji, Rebecca and Preethi
The guys went back to the hotel and the remaining ladies went on a quick tour of some of the stationery shops (surprise, surprise). We visited Artbox, Muji, McDonalds (toilet stop) and Paperchase, before spotting Thomas outside Vapiano where we were going to have dinner. After a lovely meal, we all set off and my train didn't get in until 11:30 p.m., so I'd had a very full day of filofaxes, laughter and chatting.

Steve, Preethi, Thomas, Saz, Imy and Tracy
So, what did I buy?

My sole purchase from City Organiser was some Jan-Dec inserts for my A5, and then a pen and a to-do list notepad from Muji. I discovered that the notepad fits perfectly into the notepad slot at the back of my Malden. Outside the shop, I was putting my purchases away & I was just going to put the whole pad in the slot, and then realised the cardboard back would fit and quite excitedly showed the others! (a chorus of 'aaahhs' were heard) The love hearts notepad was a gift from the lovely Christa as she kindly brought some spare stationery along for us all to choose from. It was such a fun day, and I really enjoyed my second Philofaxy meet up. 

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