Sunday, 14 October 2012

365/30 lists: beauty products I need to try/buy

I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and it's only in the past decade that I've started becoming a bit more girly. To be honest, I'm not really sure I get the whole beauty product thing even though I'm female. All these adverts claiming this and that, and I don't really believe that some lotion or potion will stop me looking my age. I'm not too worried about getting older and as my late Nan would say, I plan to grow old disgracefully!

I did go through a stage of feeling like I should wear make up, but currently I just don't think I need to wear it. All of my stuff is fairly unused and pretty ancient, so I think that it probably needs binning anyway. I quite like lip gloss, but I'm just really not fussed at the moment.

So, to answer the question of beauty products I need to try/buy - none!  


  1. Yes natural is best unless you have some in balance that gives you dry skin or oily skin, but that is most probably a reflection of your diet I guess...... not that I'm an expert in the field...

    The male equivalent for me is after shave... never use it, complete waste of time, smells fowl sometimes too. I've thrown out loads of it over the years, thankfully no one buys it for me now.

    If I have a wet shave I do use a cream moisturiser to help heal the skin. Nivea for Men or pour homme in my case!

    1. Hi Steve & thanks for your comment :)
      I agree about natural being best. I eat well, exercise & drink lots of water & am lucky to have a good complexion anyway (or maybe it's partly due to all that).

      I used to wear perfume, but bought some that I then decided I didn't like & have never got round to getting more. Really not sure I miss it...

  2. I don't use many products, I have the whole skincare products but very rarely use it as I should, tend to have a wash and go lol. I don't wear much make-up either some weeks none at all, if i'm at work I put on a little bit. As for body lotions i'm just too lazy, unless my skin is particularly dry I don't bother!!! I'd rather spend my money on y Filofax :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Alison :)
      I've got better with my skincare over the years (face wash instead of soap, fairly regular exfoliation & daily moisturising) but I agree that I'd rather spend my money elsewhere!