Monday, 1 October 2012

365/30 lists - goals for the month

The fabulous Kate and Imy have set up 365/30 lists for Philofaxers, which is based on the 30 days of lists idea but it has been made for Filofax and stationery fans! You can find the Facebook group here. I really enjoyed doing the April A-Z Challenge, so thought I'd join in for October for something different to do. The daily topics for October are here (or you can find them on the Facebook group) and each month they will set by someone different.

Day 1 is goals for the month:
  1. Complete 365/30 lists and publish the day's post on time on blog
  2. Finish off prep for my tax return and file it online - boring, but important 
  3. Carry on my daily meditation
  4. Get my email to zero - nearly there
  5. Work on my declutter project more
  6. Increase my running mileage slowly up to two runs a week
  7. Have some life coaching from my awesome friend, Tanya
  8. Sort out what I'm doing with my filofaxes! - blog posts to follow on Philofaxy 
  9. Limit my spending to essential purchases only - more info here and aikido training is definitely considered essential!
And that's probably enough... I could easily carry on, but I'd like to actually achieve them and could easily overload myself :)

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