Saturday, 13 October 2012

365/30 lists: favourite pens/pencils

During one of my decluttering sessions, I got out my pencil case expecting to find lots in there and to my surprise, it only had about three old pens in it! I love stationery, but this really was evidence for me that I actually don't buy much. All my other pens are kept in a metal pot next to my PC and I'm pretty impressed as I used to own lots more and have have either sold, given them away or used them up.

Here are my favourites:

Online blue lagoon fountain pen
This was a Christmas gift from my husband and the gorgeous blue colours remind me of scuba diving and the sea (his reason for choosing it). This would be my all time favourite if I could use bottled ink with it, but the barrel is quite short and it becomes a full sized pen when you add the top. I use it mainly for writing in my journal as the ink (WH Smith ink cartridges) doesn't do that well on filofax paper unfortunately. No bleed through, but it just sits on top of the paper and isn't as easy to read compared with when written on normal paper.

Pink Lamy Safari fountain pen with fine nib
My faithful Lamy Safari... I'm not really into pink, but this is such a cheery colour and writes so well for its cost. At the same time, I purchased a converter and am currently using up some old bottled Quink ink that I've had since prep school! I find that the Quink ink gets on better with filofax paper than the WH Smith ink, so I've used this in most of my filofaxes, but sadly the pen clip is much too fat to fit in slimline pen loops (sad face).

Pilot G2 limited edition
I've been a fan of the Pilot G2 for quite some time and snapped up this limited edition for a bargain price on eBay. I had wanted the silver barrel, but this was so cheap that it seemed silly to pay more for the colour and the gold has really grown on me now. It's a lovely pen, but is on sabbatical as it's run out of ink and I've told myself I can't buy a refill until I use up my other gel pens, Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5 and Pilot V Ball Grip.

Muji 0.7 gel ink in blue
This was a purchase at the recent London Philofaxy meet up. I love the minimal and translucent design, it's cheap, fits in filofax pen loops easily and writes well. I'd happily buy more of these if I didn't already own some other gel ink pens.


  1. You can get cartridge-refilling kits (that are like a syringe and blunt needle) to refill the cartridge in the first pen. That's what I do with my Parker Esprit (which is a collapsible pen sa has daft small cartridges too).

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks, I forgot about the refilling kits!! (awesome) October is essentials only purchases for me, so one of these & another bottle of ink is on my 'to buy later' list :)