Thursday, 11 October 2012

365/30 lists: places to visit this month

Well, looking at my diary these are the sorts of places I'll be going:

  • The Cart and Horses pub for a little get together 
  • A couple of aikido seminars - one of our own and the other is to celebrate Piers Cooke's 30th year of practising, teaching, living and breathing aikido
  • Our local charity shop as I'm planning on getting rid of more stuff
  • The church hall to donate blood - I don't enjoy it, but figure it's something worthwhile doing
  • Getting together with my Dad, step-Mum and family for a birthday 
  • Going somewhere for the day for my wonderful husband's birthday
  • The library as I quite fancy seeing what Terry Pratchett books they have in
  • I was considering going somewhere local to try on the Doc Martens I kinda like, but I'm on an 'essentials only' month so that's on hold.
I don't really have many other places I'm planning to visit, but would like to spend more time at home decluttering and going through all my stuff.

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