Wednesday, 31 October 2012

365/30 lists - review of the month

So, how did I do with my goals from day 1?
  1. Complete 365/30 lists and publish the day's post on time - done. I think previously completing the A-Z Challenge helped me with this, and I wrote and scheduled all my posts pretty much in advance
  2. Finish off prep for my tax return and file it online - done
  3. Carry on with my daily meditation - done
  4. Get my email to zero - done (and I'm finding it much easier so far to keep doing this)
  5. Work on my declutter project more - done
  6. Increase my running mileage slowly up to two runs a week - postponed as I think I just need to focus on running once a week and enjoying it for the time being (and I've been ill this month which is never a good time to up mileage)
  7. Have some life coaching from my awesome friend, Tanya - postponed but hopefully will be done before Christmas
  8. Sort out what I'm doing with my filofaxes - slowly getting there and more here (still very much a work in progress). I'm actually enjoying the process and realise my set up doesn't have to be perfect
  9. Limit my spending to essential purchases only - nope! I bought a filofax (more to follow on Philofaxy), but also sold one this month, so they cancel each other out, right?? Nah, I didn't achieve this goal but I've kept a note of when I've considered buying something and I found it actually didn't happen that much. So, what did I think about getting but managed to resist?
    • A couple of books - I won't be getting them as I've forgotten what they were, so they can't have been that important
    • Some stationery - reduced Martha Stewart stuff. Nuff said and I may buy some tabs for my filo as the ones I looked at in WH Smith were £8.00! (I don't think so)
    • Running socks - I will buy these as good socks can make such a difference and I do need them. 
Thank you to the lovely Imy for setting October's questions and I hope that you've enjoyed reading my posts :) 


  1. Hi Anita, hope you feel better soon for your running programme. Re #4: I too have got my email to zero and maintain it there. It's a great feeling not to feel overwhelmed by emails. I've failed #9 too!

    1. Hi Cloudberry & thanks for your comment. I'm feeling much better, thanks. Glad you're enjoying having your email at zero & I hate it when they're out of control. I'm sad I didn't keep to no. 9 but the filofax is oh so worth it :)