Friday, 19 October 2012

365/30 lists - today was amazing because...

  • I saw 4 Canada geese flying quite low overhead this morning (they're my favourite bird)
  • The kettle at work had just boiled when I got into the kitchen this morning, yay
  • I managed to get myself out of bed and off to work, as I've been feeling quite yucky whilst fighting off some lurgy this week
  • I had hot croissants for breakfast (purchased for me by my lovely man)
  • I'm about to curl up on the sofa with my cat, a cuppa, ginger biscuits, my filofax and Making It All Work (I'd normally be at aikido practise now, but have decided to stay home due to yuckiness)
  • We're going to have chicken, rice and veggies for dinner - my all-time favourite meal as it's scrummy and reminds me of my Mum cooking it
  • I generally feel very blessed with my life currently. I think I've been focussing a little too much on things I want to improve, but I'm very lucky and have already come so far in my self-development :)  

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