Tuesday, 16 October 2012

365/30 lists - what I was doing when I was 16

This would have been my final year of secondary school, finishing off coursework, taking my GCSEs and going on to sixth form college in the autumn. I spent the following summer mostly in Cornwall, but I can't really remember doing that much the year before starting college.

I remember this being a bit of a tricky time for me. I felt like I'd just properly settled down at secondary school as I had a nice group of friends, was getting on well with my studies and was feeling happier and more confident. My friends seemed more excited about starting college, but I think I was quite apprehensive and didn't feel ready for it.

It's weird to think back to then, as it's not really a time that I think much about now. These days, I'll talk to pretty much anybody but I was much more shy at aged 16 and spent some time not feeling like I fitted in very well, wandering about the campus or reading a book. However, I did make some friends and started going out with my first boyfriend that winter which was a bit of a shock! My confidence level around the opposite sex was pretty much zero. I'd always had quite a few male friends, but for a long time it never occurred to me that they might find me attractive. We were out in town (possibly for bonfire night) and this friend just started holding my hand and that was it really. He was popular at college, so it was a big confidence boost that someone like that would be interested in me.

I really enjoyed the following summer in Cornwall. We all bought open return tickets to Penzance and met up in Polzeath, spending the time camping and getting back on the train to visit different places. We came back when we ran out of money and I'd spent most of the summer barefoot, so it was strange to put my shoes on and go back home.

So, was I happy at 16 years old? Not particularly, I don't think. I wasn't miserable but I didn't really enjoy college that much and was quite shy. I've had much more fun since hitting my 30 year mark :)

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