Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cult Pens stationery haul

After nearly completing my October goal of limiting my spending to essential purchases only, I decided it was time to buy some stationery. As part of my decluttering project, I've had a look at what pens and pencils I own and am surprised that so many of them comprise of freebies that aren't nice to look at or write with. So, time for them to go and replace them with something I will enjoy using instead!

I admit I've spent a fair amount of time browsing the goodies of the Cult Pens website, but never bought from them before. I ordered my items on Thursday evening and they arrived today, so lovely quick delivery and the items were well packaged.

My main purchase is this little unassuming-looking pen, a Caran d'Ache 849 ball point.

I love the simple aluminium design and it's a lovely light pen that fits in my filofax's pen loop (such an added bonus for me). I had gone off ballpoints, but this writes very smoothly and I know I'm going to enjoy using it. One thing I will point out is that this is a small pen and when I handed it to my husband to look at, he agreed he'd probably find it too little to write with comfortably. I nearly bought the Metal-X version of this pen instead in violet, but when searching for reviews online people mentioned that the finish on the Metal-X can be a bit too slippery and they recommended buying the classic instead for comfort.

I love my Pilot G2 Limited pen, but it had run out of ink and I decided it was about time to get a refill and thought I'd try the colour peacock green for a change, which is described as a nice intense blue-green.

I couldn't resist these cheery OHTO smile slide clipper paperclips.

And my added bonus was a  free sample of a Schneider Slider Memo XB ballpoint. Thank you, Cult Pens :)

This is another very smooth writer and it feels very comfortable in my hand. I think the very shiny metal clip adds a little interest to the basic design. In the blurb on the packaging it says 'enormous writing output (if compared to gel systems)' which made me laugh. In my opinion, this would be a great pen to use if you have lots of writing to do.  

I'm very pleased with my little haul and more info about the company can be found here and here.
And thank you to The Pen Addict for adding my post to their Ink Links :)


  1. Love the peacock green ink!

    Thanks for your post - it's a timely reminder to de-clutter my pen drawer which contains some of those nasty freebies.

    1. I love it too & it was a close tie between this & purple.

      You're welcome & I was amazed at how many I had!

  2. Funny, I have bought the same ballpoint pen from Caran d'Ache, in "Metal-X" in violet ! It's surprisingly cute and dashing with the pink stiching of my Compact Osterley, and it does fit easily in the pen loop which is why I chose this pen in the store in which I bought my filo.

    But you're right, it's extremely "slippery" : when hands are dry, the pen can slide off easily. I hate having rubber grips on tops of my ballpoint pen, so I don't mind, but just wanted to confirm to others that might be interested : try it before you buy :)

    1. Yeah, I prefer the Metal-X colours but from what you say, I am glad I got this one as the finish must be less slippery. It's nice to have a more sophisticated pen that fits in the pen loop :)