Monday, 25 February 2013

Guest post by Maria: Poetry Filofax

Maria was the winner of my competition to win a Swift filofax and kindly agreed to write a post about how she's using it. You can see her winning entry here and download her moustache to-list template here. Maria, thank you for a great post and for sharing your to-do list with us!

Maybe you remember that some time ago I won a beautiful Filofax Swift at Anita’s blog.
And after some thought I finally know what to do with it. When it arrived I immediately knew that the content would have to be beautiful in order to match the delicate, lovely exterior of the binder.
Translation in English at the end of the post
I remembered that I've wanted to read more poetry for a long time, which I haven’t done much about.
So my new Swift has become my poetry filofax in which I will create my own personal anthology. I won’t restrict myself to a certain author or period here. The sole criterion will be that I like the poem (I guess everyone knows that feeling when a text just speaks to you).

It feels like I stumbled upon a creative project here that really suits me:
I have decided to add one poem to my poetry filofax each week.

I like crafting very much but I’m not really much of an “artistic” person (I’m no good at drawing) so for me this will mean embellishing the page of the poem in a variety of other ways: crayons, gluing on pictures, just plain text…

Creating a small piece (of art?) regularly will surely be beneficial for me in many ways:
I will get to know new poetry and can revisit old favourites; I will craft regularly which always energizes me; I don’t exhaust myself with too large a project as I struggle with perfectionism.

I hope that over time this filofax will become a beautiful collection and somewhat also a reflection of my life (which text spoke to me when/why - events/people I associate with these texts…).

For the front cover I chose a portrait of myself that a very talented friend gave me as a Christmas card. I had been looking for a way to have it on display permanently and in this place it fits perfectly as it will always inspire me to be creative.

At the front of the Swift there is also a pocket where a little journal fits that I've kept for some time with short poems and prayers of my own.

Maria also helpfully provided a translation in English of Augenblick (from the first photograph). She first read it as a teenager in a book called Lilli's Morning Stars and chose it for the first weekly 'card' of her poetry project.

A Fleeting Moment
It’s the end of your concert
You’re standing at the edge of the stage
Smiling soulfully into the crowd

Everyone pushes to the exit
Sizzling air
Over masses
Between noise
And silence
Our eyes meet

For the length of seconds
You’re looking into my eyes
I'm looking into yours
Unattainable closeness
Strangely familiar
Your eyes say
We feel the same

But disappearing
Into the crowd
Seconds later
I'm not searching for you
Enjoying the moment
Of a fleeting love at a distance

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