Monday, 15 April 2013

Up and coming posts

Hello! I feel that I've been a bit neglectful of my blog of late, so I thought it's about time I convert some of my unfinished drafts into proper posts.

Coming up...
  • A couple of give aways to celebrate National Stationery Week (22nd-28th April)
  • Some thoughts about minimalism
  • Some Filofax posts, which I might share between here and Philofaxy
  • A series of posts talking about the tools that I use to help me focus
  • And more about shiatsu and aikido...
And on another subject, I've realised that one of my FriXion pen winners never got in contact. Please could Tracey Coates get in contact by this Friday the 19th? Otherwise the pen will be included in the give aways next week :) 


  1. very inspiring list :) I'll write more when I find the time, hopefully tomorrow

    1. Thanks, Maria! I think writing for my blog is helping me explore subjects that I find interesting & also consider what's important to me :)

    2. so finally *cough* some thoughts:
      I wanted to give a bit more of a detailed response because I was so astonished that all of the topics you chose matched areas in my life that I'm working on right now, quite amazing really.
      -I'm really interested in your ideas on minimalism. I had actually thought about writing you an email on this topic. Somehow I think that you are some steps ahead of me in this process (not that it's like a competition) and lately I have realized again how important minimalist tendencies would be for my life but that I'm not yet where I would like to be.

      - A couple of months ago I watched your shiatsu video and it looked amazing so I'm very interested in learning more.
      - Same goes for aikido. My university's sports centre offers aikido and I'm thinking about taking a class in autumn. I haven't read much about it yet but the focus on defence sounds very interesting
      - At the moment I'm once more working on structuring/organizing my life and especially my studies so tools for focus are much appreciated
      - and of course you can never go wrong with a filofax post :)

  2. I am loving the frixion pen you sent me, thank you! Looking forward to your upcoming posts. :)

    1. I'm glad the pen arrived safely & you're loving it. Thank you :)

    2. Hi!! I'm not sure if you will see my other post... I am deperately in search for a Filofax ascot in royal blue! I located one in the UK, but the store won't ship to me in the U.S. I know this is crazy and you don't know me--- this would be my first Filofax!! Can you help me?