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Guest Post - In Praise of the Filofax Sketch and Other Stories !!

By Anthony Hill

I am very grateful to Anita for inviting me to write this guest post. We have been in touch often and I was delighted and surprised, in equal measure, to be given this opportunity. I really feel this is quite an honour to be able to write a few lines and insert one or two photos. Yes, I have to say in advance there are many images/photos, so those of a nervous disposition please look away now.

This is my first guest post. So here goes and with an certain amount of trepidation, as I jab the odd finger at the keyboard. I sincerely hope to bring something of interest.

Filofax Sketch
As you can see from the heading, it concerns the Filofax Sketch (amongst other things). I haven’t so far read anything about the Sketch on Philofaxy, of course here I stand to be corrected. I think that the Sketch hasn’t been as popular and it is certainly under rated. There are however on YouTube one or two videos of the Sketch in A5 size.  

My binder is in personal size and red in colour. The cover is made up of a tough ribbed nylon with a leather look trim. A rubberised oval on the spine carries the Filofax logo. The fastener which covers the top part of the press stud, aka the popper, also has a rubberised insert that carries the Filofax name. There is one pen loop which is on the left hand side. Inside the binder there are six slots for credit cards, business cards and one full length pocket behind which runs from top to bottom. To the rear, there is a slot for the writing pad under which another pocket also runs from top to bottom. Externally there is a pocket again running from top to bottom, useful for slotting in small-ish items.

I purchased the binder early last year at a good discount, approximately half price at the local TK Maxx store, where would we be without the opportunity to buy Filos at a substantial discount. Since then I have used my Sketch constantly it’s my everyday binder, in the vernacular !! There are no signs of wear which I think is due to the nylon covers.  

Inside there is the diary, a week on two pages. I prefer the pages to be ruled. It seems to be impossible to buy the ruled diary inserts at any of the stores. This means that one has to send to Filofax which is an annual ritual for me. Although as others have frequently noted the grade of the paper could be much better. I have yet to get to grips with inserts made available by Steve and Ray.  

Following on the A to Z tab with addresses, followed by the tab containing the Birthdays and Anniversaries section. The next tab contains notes relating to Filofax details of our Meet Ups, notes etc, items of the interest based around the Filofax. A computer related tab follows, and as I carry out voluntary work this is where the appointment details are held. Finally notes related to my Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutter.  

It’s a recent acquisition, and the Cameo is extremely versatile. The machine is ideal for making greetings cards as it will cut any font installed on your computer. It will cut card stock and vinyl, and also there is the facility to etch glass with designs, logos, initials and so on. One of the features of the Cameo is the trace function which makes it easy to take a simple jpeg shape and convert it into a cuttable file.

The Filofax Sketch Detailed Views

Filofax Family

From left to right:
Windsor Blue, Osterley Plum,
Finchley Imperial purple,
Malden Crimson, Sketch Red. 

The next tab contains my ever increasing wish list of CD albums that I’d like to buy, given the opportunity, please read that as a financial opportunity. I seem to constantly find new albums that interest me. Oh! will I ever cease adding to the list !! I have recently bought the DVD of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen” with Agnes Baltsa and Jos√© Carraras with the New York Metropolitan Opera and Chorus, conducted by James Levine. This is a very exciting and colourful version of the opera with terrific performances by the principal singers, if there are opera lovers out there or anyone with an interest in good I highly recommend this DVD.

My passion for music has been with me for as long as I care to remember. I have a great interest in many styles of music from English folk music, for example The Watersons, and French folk music the works of Malicorne fascinate me. All the songs are sung in French, but that doesn’t deter me one iota and my CD collection will attest to this. I love The Great American Song Book and by this I mean all of the great popular song writers of the era, like The Gershwins, Cole Porter, Harold ArlenVernon Duke, Jerome Kern and many more.

The style that never fails to grab me is the unaccompanied singing A cappella. Incidentally it’s Italian for “in the manner of the church” and leading exponents are:- The Hi-Lo's, The Singers Unlimited, JuneTabor, and The Kings Singers.

The inclusion of Jazz is a must. I have found that my horizons have expanded to long time favourites LouisArmstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, and my favourite exponents of vocalise Lambert Hendricks and Ross, and also Les Double Six of Paris

I've also just recently found the operetta Here’s a howdy do !

Many thanks to all who have stayed with me through my musings. I hope that it has been interesting and a big thank you once again to the lovely Anita to whom I will be permanently indebted.

Thanks for a great post, Tony! And you are correct that the Sketch hasn't really been covered much over at Philofaxy.  

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