Friday, 4 April 2014

Recent music purchases and back to Dawn Breakers fitness challenge

Unfortunately I've had a bit of an icky start to the year due to a mixture of seasonal affective disorder and being ill with different bugs that have been going around. Therefore I thought that it was time to buy some upbeat music to help cheer me up and get me going!

I wouldn't say that these recent purchases particularly reflect my normal taste in music, but most of them were played during the 6-week Dawn Breakers (Insanity style) fitness challenge that I did last December. I have just signed up to another one that starts at the end of this month, so I will be writing some posts about that as I didn't last time. It's a high intensity course of training five days a week (6:45 a.m. warm up, I remember you) and during the one last year I was pushed the hardest that I have ever been physically.

Here's why I absolutely loved it:

  • Lovely bunch of people to train with and working in a group helps so much
  • Nutrition plan - I admit I only kinda followed this as I don't need to lose weight and just wanted to get fitter 
  • Ongoing help and advice from people with lots of experience
  • Being able to push myself much harder than I would be confident of doing by myself
  • Exercise definitely helps my mood
  • Completing such a tough challenge made me feel a bit of a badass!       

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