Monday, 12 May 2014

Dawn Breakers fitness challenge: week 2

After completing week one of Dawn Breakers, I definitely needed the weekend off to have a rest. I didn't set an alarm on either day and let myself wake up naturally, as I figured I probably could do with some extra sleep to help me recover. I was looking forward to getting back to day six, but somehow I was a bit disappointed as I felt that I hadn't worked hard enough? I've had something going on with my left knee for a while and really struggled with doing anything on one leg.

Endurance is always a tough day, but I enjoyed day seven so much more in comparison with the day before. Sphinx push ups and monkey bounces, it is ON... I will be able to do a full round of you soon, without a rest... I had another appointment at the chiropractor with the TENS machine for my knee and it'll be great for it to be back to normal. 

On day eight I felt like I could definitely push myself harder, and felt stronger on crocodile push ups and side roll overs. After a little chat about my knee, I'll be avoiding single leg ski squats etc. for the time being to help it recover and not aggravate what's going on. Wednesday seems to be the day when my energy is at its lowest, so I treated myself to another nap and slept very deeply before popping out to the chiropractor again. When I got back home after 18:00, I realised just how hungry I was and admit that I lost the plot slightly, definitely a case of what can be termed 'hangry'. My poor husband will agree that I'm not good company if I go too long without food!


Combat day is my favourite day, but I did struggle to get out of bed on day eight. I didn't feel that I could push myself as much as the previous Thursday, but I'm aware that I've done quite a bit of training since then. I think my kicks are getting a bit better, and I gave myself a stitch due to my enthusiastic elbow strikes!

I didn't sleep very well and think it was due to being hungry, so I'm going to make sure I have some fruit or something later in the evening. With it being the final workout of the week, I had decided to really go for it on day nine, but received some timely advice at the beginning that it's possible to go all out on the first round and consequently struggle to finish the rest. I still managed to work hard, but paced myself a bit better throughout the session.

I've had an awesome second week, and feel that my starting level of fitness is definitely higher due to the first Dawn Breakers that I did last year. One thing that I need to keep an eye out for is managing my expectation of what I'm capable right now, as it could be too easy for me to feel disappointed (like I did on Monday) and consequently be too hard on myself. Generally, I feel better in myself, and I think all this exercise is also good for my digestion and complexion.   

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