Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dawn Breakers fitness challenge: week 3

When I last did Dawn Breakers, I definitely struggled during week three, mainly with tiredness, and I remember I had one day off and slept in. I admit that I'm only very loosely keeping to the nutrition plan as I'm not doing the challenge to lose weight, just to work on my fitness level. I weighed myself at the end of this week and I am now 9st 10 which is the heaviest that I've ever been. I tried on a pair of trousers that I haven't worn in a while, and will need to give them away as they're now just too tight to fit my thighs in, but they're looser on the waist. It kinda cracks me up that I'm now closer to 10 stone as I'm only 5ft 6 with a slim build, and am a size 8 normally.

For some reason, I haven't been sleeping that well, which does surprise me as generally I'm pretty tired when I get into bed. I've been making sure I've drunk enough water and got back into daily meditation, so I'm sure that will help with my sleep again. I'm pretty pleased with myself as I can now do a full round of both sphinx pushups and monkey bounces, yay! The monkey bounces will never be easy and I have to close my eyes towards to end to really focus and keep going.

The last day of week three was a toughie in preparation for Phase 2... we'll now be doing 45 seconds rounds with a 10 second rest, and then another 45 second rest after finishing the five exercises in that group. Good grief, 10 seconds for a rest is really not very much! I was really pleased with how I did and got so hot that I started to slip on the mat in my own sweat (nice, I know). I normally get home at 07:45 and then leave at 08:30 to walk into work, but I was so knackered that I contacted them to say that I would be late to give me more time to recover.

It seems that the first three weeks help improve our overall fitness, in readiness for the craziness that is Phase 2! The weekend was my aikido association's annual course and I would normally attend both days, but I decided that I needed the Sunday to rest. Definitely the right decision and I slept like a log at the weekend, phew!

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